Tom Ford Sunglasses

Tom Ford Sunglasses Specs Opticians Brighton
A pair of Tom Ford glasses guarantees to add effortless style from the creative talent that is Tom Ford. The brand’s frames take sleek, elegant styles, combined with bold retro shapes, to another level.
Women's Sunglasses
If you are searching for an elegant design to complete your look this summer, Tom Ford has you covered. Rock an effortlessly chic style with cat’s eye glasses with tortoiseshell or delicate metal frames. Or celebrate the 80's with classic aviators. 
Men's Sunglasses
Refresh your style this summer with some on trend Tom Ford sunglasses.  Designed for effortless style but made for purpose, these sunglasses can be worn for both a casual stroll or something more exhilarating.
There are so many different designs to choose from - simply come in to the Brighton Specs Opticians store and browse the latest styles.