Prescription Sunglasses Made The Same Day In Brighton

Not only is Specs equipped with our own state of the art glazing laboratory, Specs also has its own Tint Tank. For you this means that if you need Prescription Sunglasses and quick then Specs of Brighton is the only option for you. All our lenses include a full UV400 filter providing full UVA and UVB protection.    
Get Prescription Sunglasses Made Quickly At Specs Opticians In Brighton Near Bond Street and Sydney Street

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Specs has such a stunning collection of Glasses that you are more than likely going to want to buy a pair but you are only here for the day! Problem solved. We can make them the same Day. We accept prescriptions from all other opticians.
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Reglaze Your Prescription Sunglasses  

At Specs we understand that some of you just love the spectacle frame that you already have. Trouble is all the other opticians will need them for at least a week to update the lenses. Not at Specs. You just need to go and have a coffee across the road.
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Need Prescription Sunglasses In a Hurry 

Got an important date? Need to impress someone? Maybe you just blooming well lost them. Long and the short of it, you need some glasses and quick!! Your problem has just been solved. Pop into Specs today and everything will be taken care of!
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Convert Old Glasses to Sunglasses 

 Sometimes things just happen.The dog thought they were a new toy, you sat on them or a simple puff of wind blew them from your face and tossed them on the pavement.Fact is the lenses are scratched and you need a new set pronto!! You know what to do😊

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Specs, offers the finest selection of prescription Sunglasses in Brighton and hove.

Located in the heart of Brightons North Lanes in Kensington Gardens just five minutes from

Brighton Bond Street North Street and a short walk from the Railway Station, Brightons London Road, The Palace Pier, Theatre Royal and Brighton Dome.

Contact Specs Opticians In Brighton for emergency prescription Sunglasses  made the Same Day in BN1, BN88, BN2, Near The Dome, Railway Station and Dockerills Church Street.

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Specs Opticians In Kensington Gardens

Got them yesterday and I am by the pool today looking great!

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Best Independent Opticians In Brighton Near Me Located in The North Lane Local To Bond Street, Brighton Railway Station, Brightons London Road, Brighton Dome, GAK, NCP Car Park.

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Specs Opticians is located In Brighton North Laine, close to Bond Street and a short walk from the Railway Station, Brightons London Road, The Palace Pier, Theatre Royal and Brighton Dome.